TypeShareware Game Port
ProductionThe Java-Emu Team
AuthorsJulien 'Gollum' Frelat
ThanksRaven Software for the original code
Current Status No download or trial version yet

HeretiCott is a Java applet port of Heretic game by Raven Software.
Released in 1994, this game was novative compared with Doom for its nice medieval atmosphere.
Raven Software tried to improve the original Doom engine with nice lighting effects but also new weapons or monsters.
HeretiCott aims to reproduce the gameplay of the original game in a all new Java experience. This port is the result of hours of hard work to bring the original game to the Java language. All graphisms, datas and options remain the same as the original game.
Only the demo version of Heretic is available for online play and download.
Enjoy the power of retrogaming in Java !
(Just click on an image to play...)

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